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About Hoylandswaine

Hoylandswaine Village Community

Hoylandswaine village is a quiet rural village  that has expanded over the years to around 600 households.  It is a mixture of old stone cottages dating back to the 17th century and newer houses mainly from the late 20th and early 21stcenturies.  Today it has a small primary school, a church, a village hall, two pubs, and a sports and social club beside a well-used cricket field and bowling green. 

It was originally a village built on the cottage industries of nail making and linen weaving, a small drift mine, and farming.  There continues to be a large amount of farming in and around the village but, with no other significant employment in Hoylandswaine itself, it is largely a rural commuter village for the surrounding towns and cities.  In recent years technology has made it possible for many residents to work from home.

Some years ago, the church fostered local involvement in activities centred on restoring a Pre-Raphaelite mural in church which is part of the village’s heritage.  From this evolved the Hoylandswaine Events Group made up of people  keen to create a communal atmosphere in what could have become a soulless commuter village. The group continues to organise Swainefest – the annual village festival, produces a village magazine, supports community organisations and organises other events to encourage a communal atmosphere.


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