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Funerals & Burials


Our clergy are always available to conduct funerals, either in church or at a local crematorium. Please telephone us as per our contact details and we will guide and help you.



The rules regarding burial and interment of ashes in churchyards have recently been revised in the Chancellor’s General Directions and churches are required to adhere to these rules.

Every parishioner (together with those whose names are entered on the church electoral roll, and those dying in the parish) have a right of burial in the graveyard of the parish, provided there is room.

Other persons may be buried only with the consent of the vicar, which should be given or withheld in accordance with general guidance given by the Parochial Church Council. Please note that the burial plot is not owned by the next of kin of the deceased, but remains in the ownership of the parish priest.

A specific area (The Garden of Remembrance) within the churchyard is set aside for the interment of ashes and the same rules apply as for burial.

There is no right to erect a headstone or other memorial on a grave. The vicar has discretion to authorise the erection of any headstone which falls within the types and classes permitted in the Chancellor’s General Directions.

There are also regulations governing what can be placed on a grave or ashes plot.  These are as follows:

  1. bulbs and small spring flowering plants may be placed in the soil of any grave;
  2. plants or cut flowers may be placed in a removable sunken container (of an unbreakable material, preferably unpolished aluminium) in the soil of any grave;
  3. wreaths and cut flowers placed on graves and plants and flowers in containers may be removed, when withered, by those authorised to do so by the vicar;
  4. Other objects, including railings, chippings, pebbles and similar materials, statues, keepsakes, solar lamps or similar, toys and other mementoes are not permitted on a grave.
  5. Any artificial flowers placed on a grave may be removed when they become damaged or faded.
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